"Urban Landscapes" Street Furniture

Street furniture range developed as part of my final year at Central Saint Martins for Trueform Engineering,  a leading UK street furniture manufacturer and supplier to Transport for London.

“Urban Landscapes” is intended for placement in an open urban environment such as a modern city plaza, which would emphasise the family’s qualities as a flagship range for Trueform.

The range consists of three benches, with complimenting litter bin and bollards, manufactured from a shot-blasted stainless steel shell with an inner iron frame. The components are linked together with the ‘kink’ detail that is echoed throughout the range.
A 2-person bench and two 3-person benches are the focal point of the range, the kink detail defining the seating space for each user. Depending on the environment, this can be emphasised further with the addition of optional wood or branded plastic inserts. These inserts mirror the detailing of the seat, the wood providing a contrast to the stainless steel. This detail also serves a function on the lid of the litter bin, preventing the inner lining from being lifted out, when locked. The lid will also lock down an optional cover for security threats.

There is a standard bollard and a smaller marker version for a more subtle division of space. The groove, which like the benches can hold wood, will also accommodate a lighting strip to light areas or walkways at night.

© Claudia Arnold 2018